Plain Old Pickup Becomes An Adorable Custom Camper

Going camping is a great adventure. You get to be close to nature and experience the splendor of the trees and sky. You get to cook over a fire and savor the simple things. You get to… sleep on the ground.

OK, not all aspects of camping are glamorous. That’s kind of the point of camping, after all. But some people prefer something a bit more civilized to come home to after a day adventuring.

Others need something sturdy if they plan on traveling for a long time or in bad weather, and still others requireextra support for physical needs.

And that’s why we love this DIY camper, which combines the portable convenience of a tent with the sturdiness of a tiny house, and plenty of storage!

We’ve seen campers get turned into a lot of things by clever and crafty folks, from portable nail salons to tiny hotels, but it’s rarer that we see something turn into a camper. Until now.

Jeremy Tuffli of Tuffli Built Designcreated this adorable camper using some wood and the bed of a regular pickup truck, transforming it into a tiny cabin that can be brought anywhere. Check it out below!

[H/T: Tiny House Talk]


Jeremy Tuffli, a carpenter and skateboarder from California, designed and built this custom camper using a Dodge Ram pickup truck as a base, and turning the bed into a tiny cabin.

By building onto the truck instead of creating a separate structure, Tuffli can save room and not have to worry about hitching up a camper, because it’s already there!

Inside, there isn’t room for much, but there is a full-size platform bed. This means that even in inclement weather, he’ll stay warm and dry.

And while it’s fairly no-frills (this is camping, after all!), there’s also some storage room under the bed for bags, coolers, or whatever you might need on your trip.

For Tuffli, necessities also include a skateboard!

Here’s another model Tuffli created, using the same basic idea as the Ram camper. This one was built for a Toyota Tacoma.

The design allows the driver to set up camp just about anywhere!

And you can always bring a friend!

And if you need more space, you can still hitch a trailer to it.

Check out more of Tuffli’s creations, which range from indoor skate parks to tiny houses, on his website and on Instagram.

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