Man And His Wolfdog Have Beautiful Outdoor Adventures Together

At some point in most of our lives, we’ve probably all had the fantasy about dropping everything and heading for the wilderness.

Of course it’s not practical, but there’s something satisfying about imagining heading into the great outdoors, being self-reliant and free, and spending time in nature.

Some people, however, make those dreams come true. Some of them, like the family of five who sails the world on a custom houseboat, take things to the extreme. Others satisfy their wanderlust with simpler weekend trips.

But if there’s anything that a traveler knows, it’s that a trip is always better with a friend by your side.

That’s what traveler and dog pal Kelly Lund found out firsthand, along with his best friend and traveling companion, Loki.

Lund brought Loki home in 2012 during a blizzard. And Loki is no average dog. He’s a mix of husky, malamute, and Arctic wolf, which means that due to his wild ancestry, he needed to roam and explore more than the average dog.

Luckily, Lund comes from “a family that took dog ownership very seriously” and worked hard to establish a close relationship with a breed that can be challenging to have as a pet.

But then, Loki is more that just a pet. “I felt like I had to listen closely and enter into his world,” Lund says. “I decided that I would do everything possible to not leave him behind at the house.”

And Lund made good on that. Read on to see their stunning adventures together, and you may feel those old travel fantasies stir!

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Kelly Lund and Loki met in 2012, and have been inseparable ever since.

Because Loki is part wolf, he needs extra time to roam and explore the outdoors, and Lund resolved to let him do that as much as possible.

And that includes even simple things like bike rides around the neighborhood.

And Loki, for his part, is fine with letting Lund know when he’s tired.

But it’s more than just bike rides.Loki accompanies Lund on all of his travels, which include hiking, camping, snowboarding, and more.

By the time Loki was 3years old, he’d accompanied Lund all over the western U.S.

They’ve been in mountains, in deserts, and even over the water.

Lund describes himself as someone who loves “new adventures that make [him] uncomfortable,” and so going to new and exciting places is the perfect getaway for him.

And with a friend by his side, it’s even more perfect. “I also love the relationships between humans and animals,” he says.

Loki’s traveling adventures started when he was only 4months old, and Lund took him backcountry snowboarding near their home outside of Denver.

And with husky, malamute, and Arctic wolf genes, he was very well-equipped for the cold.

Lund’s traveling also made him get interested in photography, and in capturing the pair’s travels not only to make memories, but to inspire others to travel, explore, and make their own memories with their dogs.

So his photographic “journal” captures all the kisses…

…and the love taps…

…and the times when they just sit around and shoot the breeze.

Since then, Lund has made it his mission to inspire other people to go out and explore, especially with their dogs, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Lund also donatesto charities that help dogs, wolves, and people, to create a happier and more fulfilling world for all.

And in the meantime, the pair takes the public along on their adventures via social media.

So if you’re feeling hemmed in, these photos are like a mini, vicarious vacation.

Also, let’s talk about how fantastic that tent is.

And Loki is also learning a lot from his new experiences, like making new friends.

And that there’s always time to lounge although we suspect he’s always known this one!

And thanks to that thick coat, he can really lounge anywhere.

And most importantly, these two always have each other, and show us all the beauty and power of friendship.

You can see many more adventures on Lund’s website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

And if you’d like to give back, check out the charities Lund supports:Canine Support Teams provides service dogs to those in need, and the Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary provides safe haven for abandoned wolfdogs.

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