Eco-Friendly Rocket Grill Makes Summer Cookouts Easy

Backyard grilling has become utterly synonymous with summertime fun.

However, maintainingastore-bought grill, powered by coal or propane, can rack up high energy costs over time.

When Instructables userbennelsongrew tired of constantly heatinghis grill with pricey fossil fuels, he decided to build himself a new rocket grill,powered solely by environmentally friendly biofuels.

This crafty upcycler repurposed an old water tank and all sorts of different steel scraps to bring his multipurpose grill to life.

Not only can his clever contraption accommodate grilling, but it can also bake, boil, roast, and braise all sorts of yummy summertime eats.

Since this grill only requires wooden scraps to keep its cooking power burning bright, it alsomakes a perfect camping companion.

With some thoughtful maneuvering and welding, this builder created an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and energy-efficient cooking vessel, sure to feed crowd after crowd all sorts of scrumptious summertime classics.

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Instructables userbennelsonloved outdoor grilling, but wasn’t all that fond of using pricey fossil fuels to cook his summertime grub.

So, this crafty builder got to work, upcyclinghimself a biofueled grill out of a spacious old water tank and all sorts of different scrap steelpieces.


He began his build by cutting and welding two steel pipes together, and securing them to his newgrill’s sturdy base.


One pipewould hoist the grill up, while the other would serve as a feeder tube, funneling heat from scrap wood, fallen branches, newspapers, and the like up the grill’s shaft.


This DIY-er then cut the top off his water tank. Hecleaned it thoroughly before securing the bottom half to his steel pipe base.

This water tank would now become his grill’s bowl top cooking area.

He cut a hole in its bottom,mirroring hissteel pipe’s opening, throughwhich heat would rise. This crafty cook also added a steel heat defuser, to even out his cooktop’stemperature.

As far as water tanks go, this builder chose a roomy modelforhis design.

This way,he’d not only be able to grill on its upper surface, but he could also fit a Dutch oven into its cavity and bake, boil, braise, or roast to his heart’s content.


He designated the water tank’s top as the grill’s lid, and outfitted it with a handy handle for easy maneuvering.


This builder alsoadded small steel pieces all around the grill’s lid, to allow for proper ventilation.


He then inserted this steelplate into the fuel feeder tube.

This plate wouldhold his wooden fuel in place, while air circulated around and up into the grill’s cavity spawning a super-hot, ultra-clean burn.


Outfitted with a blue-green slate side table on one side and a steel deck table on the other, this awesomely energy-efficient grill was ready for use.


To use his creation for run-of-the-mill grilling, this DIY-er simply lays a perfectly size grill rack atop his grill bowl’s top edge.


And when he’s ready to boil, braise, roast or bake, he removes the grill plate, and positions hispotright inside his grill’s cavity.


While this grill looks quite heavy, it’s actually fairlyeasy to move from spot to spot.

This accessibility makes it a perfect camping companion.


Before building his new grill, dread consumed this DIY-er every timewind storms rolled through town.

Without fail, they’d shake all sorts of twigs and branches off his neighbors’ trees, and into hisyard warranting hours of monotonouscleanup.

Now, he looks forward to these messes, as they’ve become opportunities to gather fuel for his next yummy meal.


Once his fire really starts burning, itswater tank grill bowl fills with dry heat rather than thick smoke.


Thanks to his crafty building talents, this DIY-er has an awesome, eco-friendly grill to enjoy all summer long.


Tired of spending on pricey fossil fuels, this upcycler built his own easy-to-use, eco-friendly grill, sure to keep his belly full and his surrounding environment clean all season.

What do you think of this awesome grill project? Have you ever built a grill? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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