Treehouse Architect Creates Floating Tents That Can Be Assembled In Backyards

Treehouse architect, Alex Shirley-Smith has created a portable tent solution that you can take with you on your travels.

This creation is called tentsile. Tentsile avoids the presumable pitfalls of treehouse architecture by creating a floating tent that can exist between any three points. These chosen sturdy points will serve as the main support system for your floating tent.

Alex has been an architect for fifteen years and wanted to create a maximum usable space out of minimum materials. The name of his creation came about from using tensile strength and principle to create the shape.

These wonderful suspended tentsallow for a group of four people to be in the air enjoying nature between the trees. Pretty neat, right?

He claims to have used spider-web technology and what exists in nature to create this fun suspended home.

Smith states, A spider always uses three anchoring points and the web finds its own position in space that’s a circle in between any of those 3 points. So as long as you’ve got 3 anchoring points this tent will find its own central position to create its own shape inside that triangle. The whole thing is sort of taken from spider’s web technology or you know, what exists in nature.

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