25 Adorable Encounters With Wildlife You’ll Be Extremely Jealous Of

Every little girl or boy who’s ever watched Disney knows that woodland creatures make the most loyal friends. At least, that’s what the animated enterprise taught us.

Sadly, as I grew up, I learned that while I desperately wanted to be friends with little fawns and tiny chipmunks, they’re not so into it. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is as unlucky as I am.

Apparently, our wild friends like to pay their neighbors (us) a visit more often than I ever knew. Be prepared to feel extreme jealousy when you see what these people found in and around their homes.

1. “Thank goodness you’re home! I was so worried.”

2. Look closely…

3. This little guy is just upset the kids can’t come out to play.

4. “Knock knock?”

5. What a dignified lady.

6. A day of boating doesn’t get much better than this.

7. They kept seeing her snacking on their peach trees so they named her Peaches!

8. Well, that’s a prickly surprise to eat dinner around.

9. I want him to become friends with the cat.

10. My heart just grew 10 sizes!

11. “This is totally a pond, right?”

12. Who knew bears were so civil?

13. It looks like they’re planning something…

14. This little guy took up residence in someone’s shoe on a camping trip!

15. Someone flew into the wrong coop.

16. “You look like a cool cat.”

17. “Mind if I join you?”

18. Baby. Bobcat. Oh, holy cuteness!

19. “…What is it?”

20. “G’day, mate!”

21. “Yes, I’d like to enroll in intro to engineering.”

22. But seriously, why hasn’t a deer ever visited me??

23. I live in Maine and NEVER has this happened in my backyard. I feel cheated.

24. This little guy visits every morning.

25. If mom doesn’t come back, I’d be happy to foster you!

Even if I never find a little fawn in my backyard, I can still pretend that I’m a Disney princess…

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