Carrying Around A Bag Of Ordinary Fritos Could One Day Save Your Life

If you’re headed out into the wilderness, or even if you live in an area prone to blackouts and other emergencies that leave you stranded, you know it’s good to always be prepared. Or maybe you just like showing off a bit and want to wow your friends the next time you’re on a camping trip, or at a backyard bonfire during the summer.

Like the DIY tin can stove, this hack is brilliantly simple, but also totally unexpected. And you just need one thing: a little bag of Fritos.

It turns out that Fritos are actually not only a favorite snack, but also make for great kindling, should you have to build a fire in a pinch.

YouTuber and blogger Joshua Shuttlesworth is all about surviving in nature, and covers everything from emergency shelters to foraging for wild edibles. And he was surprised to find that the humble Frito, the salty corn chip usually appreciated as a snack, actually makes a great fire starter!

Check out this unexpected trick below, and you’ll always carry a bag of Fritos with you!

And if it turns out that you don’t need to start a fire, well, you’ll always have a snack.

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Joshua Shuttlesworth is serious about survival tips and tricks, and writes a blog to help people survive in any predicament.

One of the most common predicaments? Getting stranded out in the woods.

And while his blog usually covers serious survival tips,he couldn’t resist trying out a pretty unexpected fire starting material: Fritos.

Even though it sounds silly, being able to start a fire is crucial to surviving in the wild.

During the night, staying warm can literally make the difference between life and death.

“It’s one of those scenarios where you’re down by the creek and all your have is your lighter, your cigarettes, and a bag of Fritos. How are you going to survive,” he jokes.

But surprisingly, you might survive pretty well!

The Fritos burn hot and steady, and are easy to light with a regular disposable lighter.

Although Shuttlesworth says he made the video in jest, he actually turned out to be pretty impressed by the Fritos as fire starters.

He tested out the burning time of both a single chip and the whole bag, and he was also able to use the remaining embers to make a “real” fire of bark and dried grass.

He also apparently used chili cheese flavored Fritos, but we’re still not sure if the flavor makes a difference.

It’s a pretty neat little trick if you find yourself without a decent fire starter, or any viable kindling.

However, Shuttlesworth says that, personally, he prefers to stick to more traditional methods.

It’sgood to know, however, that a simple snack can not only tie you over in emergency situations, but can also keep you warm until help arrives.

Check out the video below to see how long it takes a Frito to burn. And if you’re going to try this, please be careful.

This trick really could come in handy in an emergency, and it also reminds us that when you think outside the box, you just might get some surprising results!

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