Marine Out Hiking Peers Down Giant Hole, Thinks Hes Hallucinating When He Sees Lonely Dog

In June of 2010, former U.S. Marine Sergeant Zachary Anderegg was hiking in a remote region of Arizona. While peering down into a giant, cavernous 350-foot canyon, he spotted what appeared to be skinny black puppy. At first, he thought he was hallucinating… then reality set in.

Zak took out his video camera and started documenting. “I cannot believe I found this guy,” he said as he filmed the dog way down below. “As far as I’m concerned, the only way he got here without having broken legs is someone actually put him here.”

Zak knew he couldn’t leave the puppy down there to die. He vowed to do everything in his power to right the wrong that had been done.

With no one else in sight, Zak dedicated himself to saving the dog’s life. Luckily, his climbing abilities made him able to physically and mentally pull off such a demanding rescue.

The puppy he named Riley was nothing but skin and bones. He had ground his nails down to stubs from trying to dig himself out of the hole. There were shotgun pellets lodged under his skin. His teeth were black from malnutrition. He was completely dehydrated.

Over the course of the 24 hours, Zak scaled up and down the canyon to bring down food for the starving dog, risking his life in the process and working to gain Riley’s trust.

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