10 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Old Plastic Buckets

Do you have a bunch of old plastic buckets kicking around your garage?

Those five-gallon treasuresare totally the kind of thing that you justdon’t want to throw away, because who knows when you might need a good bucket? They’re great for yard work, for placing underneath leaks, and for carrying your tools around the house when you’re busy catching up on minor repairs. The options really are just limitless!

There are also a ton of ways to completely repurpose buckets and turn them into somethingtotally new. They’re sturdy, they’re versatile, and as long as you have a bit of imagination, they can be just about anything you want them to be.

Aside from using them to store your tools or to sit on while you garden, have you thought of other ideas for givingordinarybuckets a second life?

These 10 genius waysto repurpose buckets will get your creative wheels turning. Do you think that you’ll try any of these awesome projects?

1. Bucket Baby Swing


Cut away some leg space and drill a few holes to string rope through and you’ve got yourself hours of fun for your kids or grandkids. Just make sure that the rope is super secure and that you sand away any sharp edges!

2. Bucket Lamp


Wire up an old plastic bucket asa cool and practical lamp for outside or in your garage, providing some extra lightwhere you need it most.

3. Bucket Chicken Feeder


If you bolt a pan to the bottom of a bucket and drill some holes, you’ll get a chicken feeder that you only have to refill when the entire bucket is empty. Every little chore takes time, and this will eliminate one if you have chickens!

4. Bucket Beehive


Bees are in danger, and we need them to survive! They pollinate our crops and are essential to our well-being. If you want to help save the bees one hive at a time, create this home from a bucket to put up in your yard.

5. Bucket Bike Panniers


These panniers are so great for running errands on your bike or for using asstorage during long rides. This DIY-er spent less than$20 to make them, and they’re easy to install and uninstall on your bike. I need these!

6. Bucket Shelves


Instead of keeping all of your bits and bobs in buckets on the floor, get organized with this shelf!

7. Bucket Camping Toilet


Look, we all gotta go, even when we’re out camping in the woods. This bucket toilet is great if you’re a camper but don’t like squatting by a tree.

8. Bucket Air Conditioner


If you want to have a little bit of extra cool air blowing in your general direction, this portable air conditioning unit might be just the ticket! All you’ll need area bucket, a Styrofoam bucket liner, a fan, some popsicle bags, some PVC, and some power tools.

9. Bucket Speaker


Who needs an expensive speaker system when you can make one from a plastic bucket? This boombox is perfect for things like picnics when you wish you could listen to your favorite tunes out in beautiful nature from more than your phone’s speaker.

10. Bucket Ball Drop


This one’s not very practical, but it sure is fun. Kids and grandkids will go nuts for it! You can get as creative as you want with your very own marble drop, but this example’sa pretty solid place to start.

Do you have any spare buckets kicking aroundyour garage? Please SHARE if you’re going to try one of these projects!

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